For a better Africa.

How can African Youth add value to the ecosystem when they are not Informed, Mentored or Empowered?

Our Passion

For African youth.

Empowering African youth and bridging the gap of gradaute unemployment.


Through skill aquisition and talent management.

There is no sustainable alternative to success if one fails to develop his mind-set and passion.

Get Informed

We provide intensive training that will equip and prepare African youth to become proactive and effective team players in any organisation they find themselves.

Be Mentored

Mentorship is essential in developing African Youth and nurturing them to develop character and capabilities that can help to add value to the ecosystem.

Be Empowered

We empower future African Young Entrepreneurs ‘AfroPreneurs’ in sports and innovative ventures.

Welcome to our Foundation

Jayden Robinson Youth Foundation (JRYF) is a non-profit organization with special interest in empowering African youth and bridging the gap of graduate unemployment. The Foundation was borne out of Jayden Robinson’s visionary initiative to inform, mentor and empower less privileged African youth, using the Inform, Mentor and Empower (IME) African Youth Model as the backbone for the Foundation's projects.
At the Foundation, we strive to develop capabilities and entrepreneurial acumen in the youth.


Our Goal

Scholarships for the best graduating students.

Trainees who show exceptional intelligence during our periodical Skills Enhancement Training programmes will be availed scholarships to further their learnings at the Tertiary education level and to acquire vocational/professional certifications depending on their leanings, while internship opportunities will also be available for them.

success: 70 students
Goal: 1,000 students

Mentorship & Empowerment for African youths.

Mentoring these young ones at JRYF revolves around round-the-clock training, motivation, counselling, direction, coaching, support, goal setting and chasing success; and empowering them is an indelible legacy for human capital development and a sure indicator for a prosperous society Africa.

success: 100 youth
Goal: 10,000 youth

Discovering and Nurturing of Sport talents.

JRYF understands that while sport is essential to human development, it also contributes to economic development.

Sport actively educates young people about the importance of certain key values, such as professionalism, honesty, fair play, respect for one self, et cetera.

success: 3 athletes
Goal: 500 athletes

Upcoming Events

SET (Skill Enhancement Training) Programme

This focuses on mentoring youth to learn about career opportunities in different industries. But more than anything, the programme is modeled to empower those who show intelligence capacity with advanced opportunities like internships, scholarships and direct employments.

Secondary School Football Competition

To recruit into JR Sports Academy, high school competitions will be organized regularly to ensure we achieve our objective of selecting the best fresh talents across sports like football, athletics, table tennis, basketball, et cetera. They will be trained and exposed to top competitions, trials and sport clubs.

Jayden Robinson Partners Meeting

Management team of the Foundation makes great efforts to bring on board partners to support its objectives of empowering African youth and bridge the gap of graduate unemployment.

We love to help and support African youth in actualising their dreams and harnessing their potentials.